Kanchanaburi Attractions & Sightseeing

Discover things to do and places to visit in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

There’s an abundance of remarkable discoveries to be made nearby U Inchantree Kanchanaburi. Here’s a pick of our favourite spots to enjoy the local culture and to discover some new, exciting experiences. Discover exciting things to do and places to visit for your Kanchanaburi holiday travel.

Bridge over the River Kwai near U Hotels & Resorts

Bridge over the River Kwai

Perhaps the best known attraction of Kanchanaburi, featured in world’s famous book and film, The Bridge on the River Kwai is part of the infamous Death Railway, spanning over Kwai Yai  River, built by the prisoners of the World War II under the supervision of Japanese Imperialism Army.

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Prasat Muang Singh Historical Park near U Hotels & Resorts

Prasat Muang Singh Historical Park

Explore the trace of once-flourish Khmer Kingdom at one of best known Khmer-style religious structures in Thailand. Historians estimated that Prasat Mueang  Singh, and its surrounding architectures on the bank of Kwai Noi  River, was built between 857 and 1157 as a religious temple of Khmer Kingdom.

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People at Erawan National Park near U Hotels & Resorts

Erawan National Park

Housing one of the most famous waterfalls in the country, Erawan National Park boasts stunning scenery where over 80% is covered in mixed deciduous, dipterocarps and evergreen forests.

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Ladies walking on a pathway, Mallika City, 1905 A.D. , U Hotels

Mallika City, 1905 A.D.

Mallika is the retro-city reflecting the past Siamese lifestyle in the Chao Phraya River Basin. During the reign of King Chulalongkorn, Rama V (1873-1910 A.D.), the people’s way of life in 1905 A.D. was plentifully changed. The most pronounced was the abolition of slavery. When freed, these former Siamese slaves had to live and earn a living by themselves without control and supports from their noblemen and masters anymore. They had to live a life of self-sufficiency, self-reliant, and in harmony with all other Siamese people. These changing patterns of lifestyle are the cornerstone of today’s Thai people.

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Kanchanaburi Allied War Cemetery near U Hotels & Resorts

Kanchanaburi Allied War Cemetery (Don Rak)

Amidst the sound of traffic and ongoing life is the final resting place of those who lost their lives during the construction of the Death Railway. The second you step inside, complete silence pervades.

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Hellfire Pass Memorial near U Hotels & Resorts

Hellfire Pass Memorial

Put your experience of the Death Railway in perspective by heading over to Hellfire Pass Memorial. This 500-metre long, 26-metre deep cut through solid boulders is notorious for claiming the most lives.

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Train rides on Death Railway near U Hotels & Resorts

Death Railway

Stretching 414km across western Thailand and into Burma, the Death Railway is a standing testimonial of a story that many wish had never happened.

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