A maid arranging beds in the room at U Hotels & Resorts
Lady sitting on the bathtub in 1-bedroom suite at U Hotels
Morning tea served on the room table at U Hotels & Resorts

About Us

Luxury & Boutique Hotels and Resorts in Asia

It is all about you. The brand's target is the experienced traveller with a curious mind, a sophisticated, self-reliant individual eager to enjoy, share and get involved. Guests travelling in Asia will experience our hotels and resorts' warm and welcoming hospitality.

U Hotels & Resorts offers luxury accommodations, blending local heritage and design accents with modern amenities, services and facilities. We encourage guests to immerse themselves and experience local culture and heritage at their own pace, creating a memorable and unique vacation experience with the world’s luxurious hotels.

Benefits of Booking Direct with us:

No reservation fees / flexible cancellation.
Welcome drink from the minibar daily.

Begin your Asia vacation at one of our hotels and resorts today.

All U Hotels & Resorts in the U Hotels Group offer unique services and luxurious facilities, including:

  • Breakfast “whenever wherever” no matter what time you start your day, we serve you anywhere, whether in your room or at the restaurant
  • 24-hour use of the room, no matter what time you check in, where you can enjoy your stay from when you check in until when you check out the next day.
  • U Choose Programme for pillow, soap and tea selection before your arrival.
  • Free bikes to explore the unique local experience, the neighbourhood must-see, and the taste of the neighbourhood activities and cultural places.
  • The U Library experience has everything you need to relax and unwind after your day.
  • One free drink from the mini bar daily.
  • Choose your 60-minute Happy Hour Drink whenever, wherever.
  • 24/7 access to the gym and library.