Peth Fort

Peth Fort with green surroundings near U Hotels & Resorts

53 m / 22.6 km from the resort
This is an incredible little fort situated on the hilltop. The fort is popular for its amazing hiking trail. The trail from the base village isn’t very long but it may take 2 to 3 hours from the base to reach the top. Do not expect the trail to be very easy, it is a short but moderate level hiking trail. The best part of this trail is the amazing views of lush green woods and hills that you get from here. From the top of the hills, the views are simply spellbinding. The whole area becomes enthralling and full of blissful greenery during the rainy season. The small fort on the hilltop is said to be a lighthouse in ancient times. Peth Fort is also popularly known as Kothaligad fort. The fort is situated at an elevation of 1,369 meters above sea level.