Karjat Attractions & Sightseeing

Discover things to do in Karjat, India

There’s a remarkable discovery to be made nearby U Rivergate Kargat. Here’s a pick of our favourite spots, attractions and things to do to in Karjat to enjoy the local culture and to discover some new, exciting experiences.

Exterior view of Kondana caves near U Hotels & Resorts

Kondana Caves

1 h 12 m / 40.6 km from the resort
Kondana Caves are ancient Buddhist caves in Karjat. Popular for its bewildering beauty and adventurous trek, it leaves travellers astonished with its marvels.

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Aerial view of Ulhas valley near U Hotels & Resorts

Ulhas Valley

1 h 19 m / 43.3 km from the resort
Ulhas valley is full of nature’s marvels. The lovely valley is incredibly green and has heavenly vibes all across it. 

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Mini waterfall by the Kondeshwar temple near U Hotels & Resorts

Kondeshwar Temple

1 h 13 m / 37.2 km from the resort
This is a monumental ancient temple situated near the riverfront. This Lord Shiva temple is extremely popular among visitors for its blissful vibes and very scenic location. 

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Sendai fort with green surrounding near U Hotels & Resorts

Sendai Fort

48 m / 23 km from the resort
Wonderful trek amidst beautiful lush green nature and full of ambrosial views. This trek can take almost 1.5 – 2 hours from the base village to the top. 

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Peth Fort with green surroundings near U Hotels & Resorts

Peth Fort

53 m / 22.6 km from the resort
This is an incredible little fort situated on the hilltop. The fort is popular for its amazing hiking trail. The trail from the base village isn’t very long but it may take 2 to 3 hours from the base to reach the top. 

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Crowd gathered by the Bhivpuri waterfall near U Hotels

Bhivpuri Waterfall

29 m / 13.6 km from the resort
Situated near the Bhivpuri railway station, this waterfall is nature’s marvel. This is also an incredible place for rapplers – amidst the best that nature can offer in this part of the world. 

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Dhak Bahiri Caves near U Hotels & Resorts

Bahiri Caves

 2 h 21 m / 84.2 km from the resort
The caves are popular amongst pilgrims as these are believed to be the abode of the Lord of Bahiri. These are also extremely magnificent and ravishing hiking treks. 

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Bhor Ghat with green surrounding near U Hotels & Resorts

Bhor Ghat

 1 h 9 m / 38.2 km from the resort
Roads at Bhor Ghat are incredibly blissful and blessed with stunning natural beauty. The driving and road trip experience here is incredibly fascinating and stunning. 

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