Committed to the local community programme

U Make A Difference

The “U Make a Difference” programme is implemented brand-wide at all U Hotels & Resorts. It involves community activities to support organizations that serve a broad segment of the local community in Thailand. You as our guests are directly involved, since the hotel donates US$ 1 from your room price to support this initiative.  U can make a difference and, upon request, visit our supported projects.

Which charity are we supporting?

We have chosen the “Foundation for Slum Child Care” as one of two worthwhile causes. The main objective of this foundation is to provide healthcare and a safe environment to young children aged from three months to five years by running daycare facilities for babies and small infants in poverty stricken slum areas of Thailand. These children come from low-income families, and many suffer from neglect, malnutrition and abuse. 

“Skills for Life Foundation” provides vocational training and job opportunities for underprivileged youth from Hill Tribes around Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand by giving continuous support for these young adults in learning skills that will help them to provide for themselves and for their families in the future.


How can U further contribute to the programme?

As our valued guest you are an integral part of helping these children live a better life. For every room night you stay with us, U Sathorn Bangkok will donate 1 USD to our charities. As part of the “U Make a Difference” programme, we will arrange scheduled visits to the foundation for guests to join and to see their contributions come to life. 

Which Charity We Are Supporting ?

Charity Programmes at U Sathorn Bangkok, Thailand

Foundation for Slum Child Care

Through their four Daycare Centres and by supporting privately run daycare homes, the Foundation provides care and education for children aged from four months to five years old. They also reach out to help other slum babies and infants in their own homes through the help of community volunteers. These children come from low-income families, and many suffer from neglect, malnutrition and abuse.

They support nearly 2000 children, every day!

What support do they give?

The support they provide takes different forms. From the first thing in the morning when the children arrive, when parents are asked to give the child their first meal of the day, to activities that encourage children’s growth, to teaching the children the traditions of their culture, the Daycare Centres provide daily routines and programmes to offer the right mental and physical development for the child.

The privately run daycare homes in the slum communities follow the same standards of care and education through our training and support for their caregivers. The Foundation provides daycare homes with training workshops covering a wide range of topics. They also supply them with materials and continuing guidance through our visits, which they carry out at least once per month.

As the majority of slum children are cared for at home, our staff provide home visits with the help of community volunteers. Here again they check that homes are safe and teach parents how to help their child grow and develop, by giving advice on proper foods and useful exercises and games.

What is the end result?

They have children who are healthy, respectful, interactive, and most importantly happy.

Promote physical and mental health development of all children and family members.