U Spa Chiang Mai

Enjoy a range of pampering massage and spa treatments in Chiang Mai

Our locally accented U Spa with three treatment rooms is located in the converted governor's residence. This historical building has been restored maintaining the original Chiang Mai architectural style while giving it a modern Thai accent.

In the old days, spas were seen as the playgrounds for the rich and famous only. Today, they're revered by all, not just as a mere indulgence to pamper and preen, but as a necessity to combat the day-to-day stresses of 21st-century living. Whether you book a trip to a spa as part of your vacation or as a means to an end in itself, we have all become much more aware that an occasional massage and spa treatment is just as important as healthy eating and exercise. Here is the getaway that feature enough pampering, primping and variety to address your individual goals.

U Spa is the place to go for a true Lanna hospitality. Embracing in the middle of Chiang Mai old town, U spa has recently added a pure gold therapy, help restore skin luminosity and brings the skin to a new energy level by using nourishing, revitalizing and rejuvenating by pure gold. It's here you'll find a treatment unlike any other: where you experience a Lanna authenticity & Lanna spirit.

Lanna* The Lanna culture is the most distinctive aspect of the North, and has its own unique peoples, history, architecture, style, food, and way of life. Lanna means ‘land of a million rice fields' and is the name of an ancient kingdom that covered the area that is now northern Thailand and Myanmar. Lanna(Northern) culture's style and richness has a mystique that distinguishes this region from the rest of the country; it is a very different experience from the cities and beaches of the central and southern regions, from cool mountain scenery to a rich and ancient civilization revolving around the fertile mountain land.


Our massage therapies embrace the most effective Asian & European style of massage, including Swedish and Thai strokes. Our healing hands combined with northern aromatic oils loosen tight muscles, improve circulation, soothe the mind, nurture the spirit and promote a sense of well being. Feel your muscles being kneaded and the tension seep away, to the point of feeling completely relaxed and carefree.


60 minutes / Bht 2,000 net
90 minutes  / Bht 2,600 net

U Miracle Massage perfectly combines the significant U Miracle Massage and Lanna Massage techniques, enriched with pure gold, natural herbs and flower extracts from our northern region, including Ka Sa Long and Poo Loei, and complemented with nourishing aromatherapy oils. This revolutionary combination revitalizes the skin, giving it an amazing glow. This particular massage therapy will help restore skin luminosity and brings the skin to a new energy level by using nourishing, revitalizing and rejuvenating techniques. The treatment also significantly releases muscle tension and relieves pain.


60 minutes / Bht 1,700 net
90 minutes  / Bht 2,500 net

This ultra-effective, Swedish massage technique, which will be benefit to all skin types, uses the deft touch of fingertips and palms to stimulate the muscular system and radically enhance blood circulation. The application of aromatic Thai herbal oils will also aid skin regeneration, leaving it with a healthy glow and restore its natural PH balance.


60 minutes / Bht 1,000 net
90 minutes  / Bht 1,400 net

More than a hundred years old, the Royal Siam Massage has been a favorite treatment of the Thai (previously Siamese) Royal Families through the ages to alleviate aches, pains and tiredness. The Royal Siam Massage utilizes specific techniques to both stretch the muscular system and ease tension by concentrating on the muscles of the whole body to restore the balance of the entire body, relieve muscle tension, stimulate blood circulation, and revitalize the mind and thus improve overall energy flow.


60 minutes / Bht 1,700 net
90 minutes  / Bht 2,000 net

An original, ancient Thai traditional therapy that uses a combination of fresh and dried herbs and spices grown in Northern Lanna. A steamed Thai herbal bolus is meticulous created and applied to the pressure points of the whole body to relieve sore and exhausted muscles and to stimulate blood circulation, leaving you completely revitalized.


60 minutes / Bht 1,400 net
90 minutes  / Bht 1,700 net

This Massage concentrates on the feet, focusing on pressure points on the soles as well as the legs to relief of stress and tension, helps to improve circulation and fosters a restoration of the body's natural state of equilibrium.


Glow with radiance after these exfoliating treatments! Using only natural Thai herbal products that are gentle on your skin, our Body Scrubs not only cleanse but moisturize and heal as well.


60 minutes / Bht 1,500 net (for all skin type)
Revitalize you skin with a combination of Thai herbs and the extracts of ginger, tamarind and cucumber, enriched with jojoba oil to deep-cleanse and rejuvenate the skin cells to impart a whole new radiance to your skin.


The traditional Lanna method uses a wide variety of herbs mixed with the flowers - the special extract is full of valuable vitamins that leave you with soft-as-silk skin.


60 minutes / Bht 1,500 net (for oily skin)

Nourish the skin by using the ancient methods of Lanna folklore. This traditional Lanna therapy applies white mud and Lanna herbs to deep-cleanse, remove excess oil and balance and detoxify the skin. Keep your skin feeling marvelously clean, tender and smooth to reveal a new, younger you. During the treatment, a special technique of head & face massage will deliver to generate energy flow and relieve stress.


Our complete ranges of facial treatments are designed for both men and women. Treat yourself to one of our nourishing facial treatment!


60 minutes / Bht 1,800 net

This facial is rich on natural enzymes of Thai flowers that can peel away dead skin, antioxidant vitamins to protect and treat the cells from environmental, pollutants natural oils for deep nourishment. We use only natural ingredient with no harmful preservative or additives. There are three options for different skin type, relying on natural's life-force to restore the equilibrium and deliver a vitamin and mineral burst to your skin. This treatment includes a luxurious hand, arm, and head massage.

Hydra-Sensation - This facial uses special products for dry, sensitive or sun-burnt skin to provide deep hydration, helping to generate new cell growth.
Absolute Vitalizing - For normal skin. A refreshing cleansing treatment using natural product to exfoliate and remove impurities and dead skin, to reveal a glowing complexion.
Balancing Condition - Suitable for oily skin. This will gently cleanse and moisturize the skin to restore the skin's natural balance.


Escape the time of time immerse yourself in one of our exquisitely treatment!


30 minutes / Bht 700 net

Release your tension and muscle with our Lanna Herbal Steam, which use Thai's herbal in the northern parts of Thailand, inhaled steam vapor - made from a combination of variety of fresh herbs boiled in water was used to stimulate blood circulation, muscle stress, treat skin ailments, and respiratory problems.

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