The Sanctuary of Truth

Distant exterior view of The Sanctuary of Truth near U Hotels

The Sanctuary of Truth is a gigantic wooden construction rising 105 metres into the sky and exquisitely carved entirely out of teak wood, one of a kind in the world. Conceived by the ambitious business tycoon who commissioned the construction of Erawan Museum and The Ancient City (Muang Boran) in Bangkok, this one is a strange fusion of religion, philosophy, art and culture, it's neither a temple, nor palace 'even though it looks a bit like a hybrid of both. Best described as a monument to Thai craftsmanship, and a place to reflect, its awe-inspiring wooden sculptures and cravings pays homage to and is a reflection of the “Ancient Vision of Earth', “Ancient Knowledge'and “Eastern Philosophy'.
It's also the only place in Thailand where you can get up close and personal with two delightful and very playful dolphins… It's easy to get lost in thought wandering through the Sanctuary of Truth's impressive structure and admiring the equally impressive and ornate carvings that adorn every square inch of the building inside and out. The brochure speaks of “understanding ancient life', “life relationship with the universe'and “common goals of life towards utopia', all of which goes over the heads of visitors (and mine!). But the eerie silence inside is evidence of the admiration visitors cannot help to have for the ten years and hundreds of thousands man hours that have gone into the project. And the guide informed me that it's ongoing, that it will never be fully completed…

  • From North Pattaya Road, turn right into Naklua Road at the circle before you get to Pattaya Beach Road. Turn left into Naklua Soi 12, and travel right towards the end. Admission is 500 baht for adults and 250 baht for children. Tour guides are free, friendly and very knowledgeable.
  • Location: 206/2 Moo5 Naklua 12 Naklua Rd.,Banglamung