U Inchantree Kanchanaburi Dining

U Make A Difference

Supporting local communities through our brand wide charity contribution

Our locations and warm, uncomplicated service encourage guests to step into the local environment and experience its culture and heritage at their own pace to create a memorable, unique experience.

The "U Make a Difference" programme is carried out at all our U Hotels & Resorts. It is a community relations activity to support organizations that serve a broad segment of the local community. We invite our guests to be part of this program too, because U can make a difference!

As our guests you can be a part of this programme. U Inchantree Kanchanaburi will contribute USD1 for every night a guest stays at our hotel. The contributions will be presented to the local charities twice a year. As part of the "U Make a Difference" programme, we will arrange weekly scheduled visits to the charity so guests can see firsthand the improvements that their contributions are making to the community.


Which charity are we supporting?

We have chosen the Dhammanurak Foundation, an orphanage run by local nuns for children who have lost their parents.

The orphanage is in need of basic items such as toiletries and foodstuffs for the children and they are in the process of completing a school building to allow the children the opportunity to study and make the most of their lives. Payments of contributions will be donated to Dhammanurak Foundation twice a year.