Committed to the community charity programme

U Make A Difference

The “U Make a Difference” programme is carried out in all our U Hotels & Resorts. It is a community relations activity to support organizations that serve a broad segment of the local community. We invite our guests to be part of this programme too, because U can make a difference!

As our guests you can be a part of this programme. U Pattaya will contribute USD 1 for every night a guest stays at our resort. The contributions will be presented to the charities twice a year. As part of the "U Make a Difference" programme, our holiday resort in Pattaya will arrange weekly scheduled visits to the charity so guests can see firsthand the improvements that their contributions are making to the community.

U Pattaya

Which charity are we supporting?

We have chosen The Glory Hut Foundation shelter helping the poor people infected with HIV, the homeless to get access to the state welfare state, to be trained for living, counseling and psychological healing and doing AIDS prevention campaign.

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