U Sante Spa

Massages and spa in Alibaug

U Sante Spa is the U Tropicana hotel Spa and, as the name says, is a complete toast to your health. U Sante Spa offers luxury Spa facilities with private treatment rooms and massage therapies that embrace the most effective Indian & Asian style of massage to promote a sense of well being and nurture the spirit.

Get a massage in our Alibaug spa, just the way you like it; take a stroll in the green landscape, or let the water take over in the Jacuzzi. Choose from U Sante signature massages like Traditional Balinese maasage, Lomi Lomi massage, Aroma Therapy massage, Body scrubs and masks. You can also enjoy couple massage in our couple sweet room with your loved ones.


Traditional Balinese - [Duration is 75 Minutes Rs. 4,000]

Originating on the island of Bali, this massage involves a combination of techniques, including massage, acupressure / reflexology in one session. This massage therapy helps loosen muscles and ease pain.

Lomi Lomi massage - [Duration is 60 Minutes Rs. 3,500]

Massage technique derived from the Hawaiian Islands, uses long flowing deep strokes which run throughout the entire length of your body from head to toe in one continuous motion. The rhythmic waves of motion send deeply relaxing sensations to your brain. It’s a complete refresher and rejuvenator.

Aromatherapy massage - [Duration is 60 Minutes Rs. 2,500 / Duration is 90 Minutes Rs. 3,500]

AromaTherapy uses fragrant oils extracted from herbs, flowers and fruits to naturally enhance the benefits of massage. It’s a pleasant method for mental clarity, relaxation, stress and nourishment of skin.


Foot Therapy - [Duration is 30 Minutes Rs. 1,500]

The acute pressure points of the feet are worked on to stimulate energy flow, so as to restore harmony to the body’s function.

Head Therapy - [Duration is 30 Minutes Rs. 1,500]

The therapy where pressure points on the scalp, neck and shoulder are stimulated to improve circulation, relieve tightness, tension and promote relaxation.

Back Therapy - [Duration is 30 Minutes Rs. 1,500]

A quick touch to the body which relieves your pain and gives you relaxation.


CLEAN UP - [Duration is 30 Minutes Rs. 1,500]

Clean up is quick personal grooming which gives a fresh look.

WAXING - [Hands - Rs. 600 / Legs - Rs. 500 / Full body - Rs. 1000]

Waxing is an easy way to remove the unwanted hair from your body. It gives you soft and glowing skin.

FACIAL - [Duration is 60 Minutes Collogen - Rs. 3500 / Ageing - Rs. 3500/ Glow - Rs. 2500]

Facial repairs your skin, gives you a glow and relaxes your face.

BODY SCRUB - [Duration is 45 Minutes Rs. 3,500]

Due to dead skin and blocked pores skin looks dull and dry. The scrub removes the dead skin, blocked

pores and gives shine to the skin.

WRAP - [Duration is 45 Minutes Rs. 4,500]

Body warp gives torn up skin and nourishes the skin.

COMBO - [Duration is 90 Minutes Rs. 6,500]

Scrub & Wrap